Executive Management

Directors Of Departments


Director/ Human Resources Development


Director/ Risk Management


Director/ Managerial Services

Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Ali Alshaier

Director/ Information Technology

Dr. Atif AL sheikh Ali Mohammed

Director/ Retail Banking

Mr. Isameldin Abdel Rahim Ibrahim

Director/ Finance and Investment

Dr. Mohammed AL Hassan Abdelghani

Director/ Internal Audit

Mr. Isameldin Abbu Al ezeib

Director/ Marketing and Business Development

Mr. Abdul-Aziz Hassan Mohammed Ahmed Kareiri

Director/ Systems and banking support

Mr. Khalfalla Saeed Mohammed Ahmed

Director/ Financial Affairs

Mr. Osama Mohammed AlKheir Okasha

Director/ Legal affairs

Mr. Adil Mohammed Abdelkhalig

Director/ Central Operations

Mr. Siddig Mohammed Faragalla Yagoub

Director/ Foreign Banking Operations

Dr. Mohammed Hussein Abdelrehman Hashim

Director/ Planning and Researches

Mr. Ihab Mohammed Osman AL Tahir

Director/ Executive Office

Mr. Fatih Fahmi Hassan Saeed

Director/ Foreign Affairs

Mr. Ahmed Anwar Gasim Mohammed

Secretary of Board of Directors

Dr. Ayman Mohammed AL Amin Abdullah

The Compliance Manager

The Branches’ Managers

Mr. Osama Abdelrehman Ali Mohammed

Manager/ Khartoum branch

Mr. Amir Hassan AlBasheer AL Hassan

Manager/ Elgeyada branch

Mr. Salih Mohammed Abdullah

Manager/ Bahry Alsouq branch

Mr. Moawia Ahmed Hussein Hassan

Manager/ Al-souq Almahalli branch

Mr. Yousef Hashim Ahmed Alfakki

Manager/ Omdurman branch

Mr. Abdul Fattah Alawad AL Hassan

Manager/ Gabrah branch

Mr. Abdelrehman Babiker Ali Osman

Manager/ Souq Libya branch

Mr. Osman Mohammed Alazrag Ahmed

Manager/ ElSaggana branch

Mr. Khalid Ahmed Mohammed Abdulhafeez

Manager/ Sudan University branch

Mr. Alzaki Ahmed Mohammed Khalifa

Manager/ Obaid Khatim branch

Mr. Ibrahim Mahmoud Yasin Karar

Manager/ ElSina’at branch

Mr. Ahmed Abdul-Aziz Ahmed Saber

Manager/ AlMina Albarri branch

Mr. Hassan Almsa’ad Laili Ahmed

Manager/ Hillat Koko branch

Dr. Anas Osman Hassan Malik

Manager/ El Mogran branch

Mr. Izzeldin Ali Mohammed AL haj

Manager/ Alkalakla branch

Mr. Imadeldin Merghani Alnier

Manager/ Mohammed Najeeb branch

Mr. Abdel hafiz Mohammed Mohammed Khair

Manager/ Alwadi Street branch

Mr. Ishaq Edrees Abdelrasoul

Manager/ El Obeyed branch

Mr. Omran Abdullah Mohammed

Manager/ Medani branch

Mr. Omer Mohammed Ahmed Abdullah

Manager/ Atbara branch

Mr. AlZubair Edrees Mohammed Ali

Manager/ Port Sudan branch

Mr. Tajeldeen Ibrahim ElSheikh

Manager/ ElGadaref branch

Mr. Mohammed Haroun Edrees Adam

Manager/ Kassala branch

Mr. Faris Hassan Albnna Kuku

Manager/ AlDamazin branch

Mr. Basher Abdel hafiz Hassan Khairi

Manager/ Dongola branch

Mr. Sami Izzeldin Mohammed Alhadi

Manager/ Rabak branch

Mr. Hajo Mohammed Hajo

Manager/ Kosti branch

Mr. Ammar Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah

Manager/ Sennar branch

Mr. Abdellatif Omer Ali Omer

Manager/ Nyala branch

Mr. AlMurtada AL haj Gubralseed

Manager/ North Souq Lybia Window

Mr. Osama Abbas Ahmed Mohammed

Manager/ AlMa’sheen Window

Mr. Abdel Rahim Omer Mohammed Omer

Manager/ Giad Window

Mr. Emadeldeen Altahir Elnour Alfaki

Manager/ Souq Alanagreeb Window

Mr. Nazar Habib Abdelwhab Fadul

Manager/ Souq Sitta Window

Mrs. I’tedal Abunajma Mohammed Saad

Manager/ Bint Khuwailid – Alsaggana Sub-branch

Mrs. Ikhlas Bakry AlSiddig

Manager/ Bint Khuwailid Almogran Sub-branch

Mrs. Ghada Altayeb Ibrahim Hussein

Manager/ Bint Khuwailid Khartoum Sub-branch

Mrs. Raga’ Mohammed Osman Farahat

Manager/ Bint Khuwailid Oaid Khatim Sub-branch

Mrs. Sara Yunis ElSheikh Hassan

Manager/ Bint Khuwailid Omdurman Sub-branch

Mrs. Hana’ Edrees Abdul-Aziz

Manager/ Bint Khuwailid Soug Lybia Sub-branch

Mrs. Samah Shareif Abdullah Daf’allah

Manager/ Bint Khuwailid Alsina’at Sub-branch