Corporate Accounts

Corporate Current Accounts:

The current account for companies and institutions at Omdurman National Bank gives you many advantages and helps you to access a set of banking services and solutions that specially designed for our customers. Where it helps you to organize and manage financing in your organization through immediate access to your funds as well as inspecting operations, payment of obligations and control a range of banking services that are provided for you.

Procedures for opening a current account for companies:

  • Visit the nearest branch of Omdurman National Bank
  • A copy of the company registration certificate.
  • Company's memorandum of association and regulations
  • Certificates of deposits from the commercial registrar (Form no 28)
  • A letter from the company, signed by the chairman and the secretary general of board of directors about choosing the bank to open the account, stating the names of those authorized to manage the account and their signature powers (A) and (B)
  • ID of the authorized persons to manage the account

Salaries Transfer Service:

As part of our endeavor to provide a level of service that exceeds the expectations of our customers, and in continuation of the leadership of Omdurman National Bank in the banking sector in providing distinguished services to individuals and institutions, and given that the cash payment of wages and salaries is a problem for many institutions and companies, the salaries transfer service for employees enables your institution to control the payroll sheets of employees with ease and convenience, it also helps in saving time and reducing effort and administrative burdens for companies and institutions, as the bank transfers salaries periodically and according to an immediate and safe process.

Advantages of salaries transfer service:

  • Reducing administrative work in preparing checks and reports
  • Saving cost and time in preparing monthly reconciliation reports and settlements.
  • Provision of the highest levels of safety and accuracy
  • Save employees' wasted time during the traditional payroll process
  • Detailed reports to customer