Solutions and Facilitations

Solutions and facilitations:

Omdurman National Bank offers an integrated set of commercial finance services that specially designated to meet the needs of its customers from the companies and institutions sector. Theses services enable the companies and institutions to implement commercial finance procedures and processes and run them internationally through better credit terms.

Documentary Credits:

The documentary letter of credit from Omdurman National Bank is an agreement and undertaking to pay the value of purchases or imported goods on your behalf in exchange for submitting the required documents and in accordance with the conditions set by the supplier. As the bank allows opening of accreditation for companies and enterprises that possess a mandate of importers and exporters as well as an importation license according to investment laws abiding with the following requirements:

  • Providing company documents of the articles of incorporation, names of shareholders, shareholder register and account opening requirements for companies that have no accounts in our bank.
  • Fill out the accreditation application form with the approved signatures.
  • Submission of the valid importers and exporters register
  • Submission of pre-forma invoice showing the description of the goods and the beneficiary's bank that approved by the relevant authorities
  • Payment of margin and credit opening expenses
  • Provision of the acceptable guarantee according to the bank conditions of certification
  • The regulation by-laws from the Central Bank of Sudan will be implemented.

Letters of Guarantee:

A letter of guarantee is an undertaking by the bank on behalf of the customer to pay a certain amount of money to a beneficiary in the event of failure on the part of the applicant to fulfill the terms and conditions of the contract. Where we issue in the bank all types of letters of guarantee that are compatible with the principles and banking restrictions.

Restrictions and procedures for issuing letters of guarantee:

  • The customer should submit a request (with the necessity for the customer to have the account of the concerned branch party)
  • A copy of the tender bid in the case of the initial letters of guarantee or a copy of the contract or the acceptance letter in the case of letters of guarantee of advance payment and good execution
  • Provide an acceptable guarantee to the bank
  • Fill out (A + B) forms.
  • Paying the cash margin according to the restrictions and supplementing the remainder with a check for the concerned branch manager
  • Attach a copy of the company’s documents or the enterprise name in case of the first time issuance
  • Complete the coding documents for the company in addition to its owners in case of the absence of a credit code