Banki-net service:

The banki- net service of Omdurman National Bank is an electronic online banking service that makes your financial transactions accessible, and gives you the ability to manage your accounts at Omdurman National Bank with ease and safety. Also, the service allows you to do and conduct many banking transactions according to multiple options, without leaving your office or home.

Advantages of Banki-net service:

  • Balance inquiries
  • View the movements in the account
  • Download and print an account statement
  • Currency Exchange Rates
  • Transferring between accounts at the bank
  • Payment of fees and bills
  • Check books request
  • Other services

How to activate the banki- net service (banking internet):

  • The service is subscribed by filling in the application form at your nearest branch
  • • You will be given an activation password.
  • Click on the Banking Internet option or "Banki-net"
  • • Then enter the direct link or (enter Banki- net)
  • A security alerts screen will appear, click Next
  • Select the language of the transaction, then type your account number only, and re-type the identification numbers shown below
  • Then Click on the Next option
  • Type your password and click on the box (Please confirm the image)
  • Then click on the Next option
  • The system will ask you to change the password
  • Follow the instructions on the right of the screen and enter a new password - like the following form: abcd1234
  • Write your name and choose a picture
  • You will then directly log into your bank account

Security Tips:

  • Banki-net service can be accessed via- the service link and on the Omdurman National Bank website only
  • Omdurman National Bank does not send links to the service via- email or SMS
  • Be sure to log out of Banki-net and not just close the browser