Account Opening Remotely

Account Opening Service Remotely

It is a special electronic service from Omdurman National Bank aimed at easing the process of opening a bank account in the nearest branch to your location saving your time and efforts.

The advantages of account opening service remotely:

  • Reregister at any time.
  • complete the procedure of account opening at the nearest branch to you.
  • Track the status of your order electronically via your email.

How to open an account remotely

  • Access Omdurman National Bank website .
  • Click the link and follow the instructions in registration screen of electronic banking account.
  • Type your email in the specified field .
  • Chose the language data entry and click next.
  • The system will send verification code (OTP) to your email which will be valid for a maximum period of 30 minutes to login.
  • Type the verification code sent to your email in Code field and click next.
  • Fill in the required data in the appropriate places.
  • When each package of data is filled in , click save and continue.
  • The fields marked with red asterisk * are obligatory, without which the account opening process will not be completed.
  • When you complete filling in the information, a message will be sent to your email containing the application number.
  • To know the status of your application whether accepted or rejected ,please check your email continuously.
  • If your request is rejected due to erroneous typing or data insufficiency, you can try again.
  • If your application is accepted ,an email will be sent to you directing you to approach the nearest branch that you have chosen to sign the documents , and collect the account number and have your Ocash application activated immediately.

Registration method

  • Log in with your email where a verification message will be sent
  • Enter the verification code
  • Enter the required data
  • After completing the entry, an email will be sent bearing the application number
  • After the review is completed, an email will be sent explaining the status of the application (acceptance, rejection)
  • In case of acceptance, you can visit the previously chosen branch and obtain your account number

Security Tips:

  • Online Registration service can be accessed via- the service link and on the Omdurman National Bank website only
  • Omdurman National Bank does not send links to the service via email or via SMS
  • Make sure to access the service through the official website