Points of Sale

Points of Sale service:

For our customers represent the focus of our attention, Omdurman National Bank is always keen to provide all the distinct solutions to facilitate financial transactions and empower the customer with all available technology means. The bank provides the sale point service in all centers and institutions, which gives our customers all payment options and a lot of other services.

Advantages of points of sale for the tradesman or owner of the institution:

  • Free setup, installation and maintenance of the machine.
  • Installation of the point will be within 72 hours.
  • Enhancing sales volume and customer satisfaction.
  • Take advantage of the highest limit for purchases through Omdurman National Bank cards, up to 500,000 SDG.
  • Reducing the costs involved in cash transactions.
  • Reducing risks and errors.
  • Reducing the burden of cash collection operations during the day.
  • Standards of speed and flexibility in the financial settlement processes and their automatic daily deposit.
  • Daily and monthly reports on the financial movement of devices.
  • The ability to periodically follow up on sales and transaction details, through the banki-net service.
  • The high level of operational efficiency and technical support around the clock.
  • Taking advantage of the exclusive promotions and benefits of sale point services.

Advantages of points of sale for the customer:

  • Instant withdrawal for all magnetic bank card holders (all banks).
  • Payment of bills and fees.
  • Payment of purchases values.
  • Account mini statement for the latest transactions on your account.
  • Balance Inquiry.
  • Print a receipt for the process.
  • Change the PIN code for your bank card.
  • Avoid the risks of carrying cash.
  • Using the card in a wide range of markets and service centers.
  • Ease of dealing with various points of sale.
  • Fast payment process.

Points of Sale request procedures:

  • Open a current or savings account at any of the bank’s branches.
  • Fill out the sale point service request form at any branch.
  • To download the guide for points of sale service, Click here